Monday, May 30, 2011

Enjoying England

Hi !!! I thought of blogging about my life in UK. This is my first blog!

It was Sunday 8th May 2011 I landed in England, Heathrow International Airport around 9:30 am. My husband received me there (who reached here 1 month before me).

On 7th, Saturday I started from Bangalore with a fear that how can I travel to UK all alone. Worried about security check, Emigration and all. Once I finished all these, I was unsure and called my hubby, asking whether I missed any step in procedure, because it was so simple. And so I was little more confident later :).

My flight, Srilankan Airlines started at 9:30 pm from Bangalore, first went to Colombo. That was one and a half hours journey. So I landed around 11 pm in Colombo. And my next flight was at 2 am. It was so difficult to pass the time, alone at mid night. And at around 2:30, I left Srilanka.

I was trying to peep through the window all the way to London as I didn't get a window seat. The travel was of around 11 hours, and the breakfast and lunch I got in the flight was sheee.. I was tensed when the flight was taking so much time to land because of heavy traffic and bad weather. Prayed all the gods and then landed in Heathrow. Again emigration, filling the forms, baggage collection.. And finally came out of the airport. When I saw my Jay (My Husband) waiting outside I felt like.. flying in the air (there was no flight now). And I was feeling like I did an adventure, and started explaining him about my journey from B'lore to London.

To be continued.. :)